Living in the Bavarian mountains...

still make the perfect English cup of tea!

When my high school grades spelt out ‘B B C’ as a teenager I was sure this was a sign. Perhaps it was, or perhaps it at least inspired my young self. Because consequently my degree in Journalism Film and Broadcasting led me to my first television job at the BBC in London. Here I worked on children’s shows, getting up at the crack of dawn to work in live television studios, researching facts, checking scripts, looking after guests back stage for example from Harry Potter and learning the skills to become a television producer.

However the call of travel and wanderlust was also there. So after a few years in the big smoke of London city I headed off for a year of travel starting in India until finally arriving in (my home away from home) New Zealand. By then having spent my travel savings and ready to work again I was Producer for factual documentaries, home improvement shows and museum exhibitions. It was also in New Zealand I discovered a passion for hot yoga –yes yoga in a 30 degree heated room! Learnt to appreciate great coffee, the best brunches, sushi had many wonderful travel experiences and made firm friends.

On the way home from New Zealand on a South Pacific island where I was volunteering at an animal shelter, I unexpectedly met my future husband who hailed from South Germany. Once we were both back in Europe, after multiple visits between the UK and Germany, and having checked out the delights of the city of Munich it was an easy decision to move. It still is. I have now been living in the heart of Bavaria for over ten years.

In Munich my career path went up a gear as I began working in the outdoor sports film industry as Producer curating an adventure festival for the European audience and then as Team Lead and Senior Producer for the video team at GoPro EMEA, whose headquarters are in Munich. At GoPro I loved the melting pot of talent, working with people from all over the world, collaborating with teams from other high profile brands, and the passion everyone had for sport and creating authentic stories with excellent products and people.

As Producer you are responsible to manage the project on schedule, to budget, in accordance with safety and legal requirements and align with marketing and PR departments, all while allowing your creative talents to do what they do best. It’s a great and varied juggling act, and finally at the end of the day you are checking the fine details to make sure everything is correct before the content is published.

As a Producer and former student of Journalism it came natural to me to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” and this is why translation project management has also appealed to me. Being sometimes, one of the only native English speakers in the German offices I worked in, I turned my hand to creating or proofreading marketing or website text or writing press releases for the English speaking regions. Now working with the bmf text+ team there is a natural crossover and yet new challenges and topics that come across my desk each day. Here I can apply my experience but also learn new tools of the trade from wonderful colleagues and our customers.